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Tribal peoples fight for Land Rights:
Land right Campaign are being conducted in tribal areas involving tribal youth-50 Indigenous Tribal Peasants Forum were established to advocate for land and human rights.

Media Advocacy:
NHRF has been working with Media and this has been key to publicizing and raising awareness of many human rights issues both at state and national level. We organize media watch programme and make dialogues with media on issues of human rights, development, democracy, peace etc.

Survey/ Research:
Conducuted study on Prison Reforms in Odisha , Land Rights of Tribal and Indegenous People in Odisha, Child Labour Situation in Stone Crushers,Problems and Prospective of Children with Disabilities etc.

Develop strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations around ESCR and/or women’s rights at all levels — local, regional and international. Provide human rights education and training with a focus on monitoring and self-representation skills through leadership development. Facilitate collaboration between various networks and organizations at all levels.

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